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Paul Gardner grew up in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Stimulated by the concept of contrast he attended the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated from the College of William & Mary in Virginia.
He was on staff of the New York Times for seven years as a writer-critic and assistant editor of Sunday Arts & Leisure. In Paris, where he lived for over three years, he contributed theatre-film reviews to the Financial Times of London and worked on film projects with director Claude Chabrol.

He published a William Faulkner portrait within "A Faulkner Perspective" for the Franklin Library; "Lynn," the memoirs of Royal Ballet star Lynn Seymour; "Brooklyn: People & Places," a socio-cultural history of the famous borough; and "Louise Bourgeois," a personal journey into the life of the acclaimed sculptor.

A founding board member of the Delaware Theatre Company, Gardner helped launch the state's first regional theatre in Wilmington.
He coproduced the "Art City" series of three contemporary art documentaries featuring artists like Brice Marden, Elizabeth Murray and Neil Jenney, and the visual profile, "Richard Tuttle: Never Not An Artist." He is now focused on writing screenplays.
Avantgardian ( previews early pages of an in-progress fact-fiction memoir about show biz worldlies who disdain fraudulent feelings while balancing sinuous emotional intrigues.
Art, he believes, is the sex of the imagination. Stendhal and Maupassant are writers he admires, along with Graham Greene, Nancy Mitford, Edgar Allan Poe and Carl Van Vechten.  Among favorite film directors are Hitchcock & Hawks, Lubitsch & Lang. He salutes Matisse, Klee and Bourgeois.
Gardner continues to be stimulated by the concept of contrasting sensibilities.
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